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Privacy Policy

A2 Healthcare collects personal information within the scope of consent acquired
If the company collects personal information, it does so in accordance with the regulations of the Compliance Program, restricted to personal information in the scope required after presenting the purpose for collection in advance.

A2 Healthcare uses personal information only for those purposes for which consent has been acquired
The company uses the personal information that it has been allowed to collect in accordance with the regulations of the Compliance Program, and restricted to the scope of the purpose presented in advance.

In principle, the company prohibits itself from the disclosure or provision of personal information to third parties

A2 Healthcare manages the personal information that it has collected appropriately and, in principle, except in the cases described below, shall neither disclose nor provide personal information to a third party.

  • Cases in which A2 Healthcare has the consent of the owner of the personal information
  • Cases in which personal information is entrusted in the scope necessary for a business contractor, etc. that has concluded a nondisclosure agreement with A2 Healthcare in advance
  • Cases of the provision of personal information after statistic tabulation or analysis or as data that has been otherwise processed so that individuals cannot be identified
  • Cases in which there is a special regulation such as a law, etc. or cases in which disclosure or provision is absolutely imperative in terms of legal procedure


A2 Healthcare controls personal information strictly

A2 Healthcare implements prevention and strict security measures so that there is no unauthorized access to personal information, and also no loss, destruction, falsification, leakage or mistaken use, etc. of personal information. A2 Healthcare stores personal information under a safe (access and password controlled) environment so that unauthorized persons cannot access it.

A2 Healthcare observes related laws and ordinances and other standards

In the implementation of work dealing with personal information, A2 Healthcare observes laws and ordinances, guidelines, internal regulations and other standards related to personal information, and handles personal information appropriately.

A2 Healthcare strives for the continuous improvement of compliance programs

In the light of audit reports and other factors in the management environment, A2 Healthcare makes efforts regularly towards the improvement of compliance programs in order to maintain the appropriate protection of personal information.

Any requests for the disclosure, amendment or deletion, etc. of the personal information that the company collects are handled without delay.