A2 Healthcare Taiwan Corporation (A2TW) is an ITOCHU Group Company providing clinical research services to the pharmaceutical industry.

To further enhance our position as a Total Solutions company, A2TW offers the comprehensive clinical research services for local and global pharmaceutical clients. Our services include strategy planning, clinical protocol development, clinical project management, data management, clinical study report writing, GCP auditing, etc. We are committed to providing all our customers with efficient and professional services. Also, we provide a great work environment and high-level job satisfactions for our employees. Welcome to join us!

We are an integral part of the drug development industry providing key services to pharmaceutical clients. As such, we believe our aim should be not only to satisfy business activities consigned by a client but also to provide a total solution for clinical development processes. A2TW continuously strives to be a positive contributor to patient health and society. To achieve this objective, we are always looking for talented and skilled professionals to join us team. If you are interested in joining the A2TW team, please send us your resume. Be sure to include contact information, indicate the position desired, and provide a cover letter explaining what you can bring to A2TW.

We look forward to hearing from you.


•Guaranteed 13 months annual salary
•Holiday benefits
•Labor Insurance and Health Insurance coverage
•Wedding, childbirth and death subsidy
•Two-day weekend with flexible work hours
•Great career promotion
•The related regulations are better than Labor Standards Law

The Company has set up complaint procedures and disciplinary measures for preventing sexual harassment in accordance with the Act of Gender Equality in Employment.  The employee may file complaints to human resource department in case of sexual harassment at workplace.

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