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Message from the President

Firstly, I would like to express my heartfelt sympathy to those who have been impacted and undergone various difficulties by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Also, let me express my sincere respect and gratitude to the healthcare professionals who have been committed to providing medical care on the frontline.

In recent years, CROs have played more expansive and specialized roles covering not only a full-service program from development strategy planning through to regulatory submissions, but also post-approval evidence collection for drug fostering and evolution.
In the evolving CRO industry, A2 Healthcare conducts clinical studies with balanced emphasis on both domestic and global; while involved in many global studies, we offer services suitable to the Japanese medical environment. Thus, we are a group of professionals responding to a broad range of client needs both at home and overseas.

For the clinical development as our principal services, we foster experts in each area on the basis of “Therapeutic Expertise” and “Operational Expertise” functioning as an inseparable pair of systems. For “Therapeutic Expertise”, we have expert qualification systems by therapeutic area such as oncology/CNS/regenerative medicine, where enabling our employees to acquire high level of required expertise through trainings by medical experts. As for “Operational Expertise”, A2 has been leading the industry for accelerated clinical development with proven track records of Risk-Based Monitoring/eSource DDC as well as sophisticated operations e.g. remote monitoring.

In the longest-established statistical analysis and data management businesses, A2 has rapidly responded to the needs for electronic regulatory submissions as well as providing well-balanced services both for GCP/GPSP. In the e-submission area of CDISC/eCTD, we have accumulated the No.1 know-how in the industry. Supporting these strengths, A2 has abundant human resources with IT expertise and knowledge of clinical development to provide one-stop eClinical solutions including EDC/eCOA/eConsent/eTMF, which is our unique strong point.

In future, clinical development approaches will become more advanced. Following the revision of ICH-E6/E8, the concept of Quality by Design will penetrate further. Also, with patient-centric approach accelerated by Covid-19, Decentralized Clinical Trial will rapidly prevail. By anticipating these changes, A2 continues to be a cutting-edge CRO leading the innovation of the industry.

The company name “A2 Healthcare” reflects our wish, “All efforts for patients, All professional works for clients”. We strive every day to deliver new pharmaceutical products and medical devices to patients as early as possible. For patients fighting against diseases, we commit ourselves to be a group of professionals welcoming challenging projects and achieving a goal in the greatest teamwork.

Your continued support will be greatly appreciated.

Hitoshi Kamiya
President and CEO
A2 Healthcare Corporation
April 2022